Supporting Our Veterans

Active Duty, Retired, and Disabled Veterans of our great nation need our help and support. 


Every day they uphold their end of the bargain to honor and protect this great country from 

foreign and domestic threats. 

Some give their lives, some give their minds, some give their limbs. Like the saying goes:



Celestial Touch, LLC provides and extends discounts to our military serviceman.


We make it easy for you to give back to your local heros!

We offer a "Thank You For Your Service" program that allows you to purchase a hour session for a Veteran 

at the discounted rate.


There are many ways that this gift certificate can be given:

-You may give it to someone that you know is a Veteran

-You may take it and donate it to a local Veteran's organization

-You can leave it with Celestial Touch, LLC for a service member to use at the time of their appt.

-Or You can leave it with Celestial Touch, LLC for us to take to the local VA or Legion Posts to donate


The choice is completely yours.

This is one simple way that all of us can give back

to our country's greatest heros!