Support for Veterans/Active Duty

Active Duty, Retired, and Disabled Veterans of our great nation need our help and support. 


Every day they uphold their end of the bargain to honor and protect this great country from 

foreign and domestic threats. 

Some give their lives, some give their minds, some give their limbs. Like the saying goes:



Celestial Touch, LLC provides and extends discounts to our military servicemen and veterans.

We make it easy for you to give back to your local heros!

We offer a "Thank You For Your Service" program that allows you to purchase a hour session for a Veteran 

at the discounted rate as well. 


Celestial Touch, LLC is also a supporter of the non-profit 


To learn more about END22 and their mission please visit their website at:

or find them on facebook.


IF YOU ARE A VETERAN or ACTIVE DUTY service member who struggles with PTS, TBI, or other ailments and you feel you have no where to turn PLEASE contact END22.